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Then came the hats as part of my love for dolls and their costumes.  Straw hats fascinated me.  I acquired the PNB Doll Company a long time ago and have been designing and creating hat forms since then.  The hat below is my latest design.  You will find a lot of beautiful hats you can make for your dolls on my other website for doll hats: www.pnbdoll.com

Our Fairy Godmother & Fearless Leader

These are some of my granddaughter's Little Darling's dress collection that I have sewn for her.  There are a few more that have not been photographed yet.

From LtoR: Me, Pat, Lana, Dianna, Helen, Joyce and Gwen.

MDCC 2017

My first love has always been sewing.  I got involved in making antique dolls reproduction many, many years ago and did that for a very long time, as well as running a teaching doll studio in Miami, FL.   Sewing for the dolls I created fell right into place.  This french fashion little lady is very spoiled.  I have made and extensive wardrobe for her. The period is late 18th century. I will be sharing those here from time to time.  These are reproduction of original gowns by Alice Leverett, who has been creating patterns for these wonderful ladies.   I made these from Alice's kits and attended many of her wonderful workshops.

I have been involved with Dianna and the Doll Dreamers Guild since the mid 90's.  Little Darling dolls came on the scene in early 2000's and we all fell in love with this wonderful little girls.  Since my husband retired and we moved to a small mountain town in Georgia, I started painting Little Darling Dolls full time.  Again, my love of sewing and design came handy again.