About me...


I am currently working on orders placed on the third week of April, 2017.     After a series of health issues with me and unexpected family obligations, I got delayed in my orders.  All is well and  I am doing much better health wise.  I paint  7 days a week for very long hours every day to catch up as fast as I can.  It weights very heavy on my shoulders knowing that I am behind on my orders and I promise you,  I am doing all I can to lessen the waiting time.   I have a family who from time to time needs me as well, and they are my priority.  Not to imply your order is not important—it is very much so to me—but I do have an obligation to them as well.  Thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting for your Little Darling and understand. I appreciate all of you so very much.


Orders Update

August 17, 2019

Welcome to My Little Darlings home.  I am so happy you are visiting.  Along with my many other duties, the Little Darlings are my passion and pride. I love everything about them, painting, creating costumes for them and seeing them come to life. 


If you wish to obtain additional information and/or to order a doll, please send me a message indicating which doll you are interested in, as well as all the particular such as wig color and style if a different one from the picture is desired.   A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to hold a place on my waiting list.    The price I quote does not include payment processing fees and shipping and handling.  Price is subject to change based on current cost of the doll blank.  I will contact the buyer when I am ready to begin painting the doll to finalize the details and will send pictures for approval upon completion.   Doll inventory is based on the order received at which time a blank is reserved for that order.  Any changes in sculpt are subject to a "change order fee".

I take every effort to reproduce the doll selected as close as I possibly can.  Please keep in mind that they are individually painted and slight variations will occur, making them very unique.   If the wig shown on dolls pictures is not available at the time the order is placed, a suitable replacement will be necessary and up to buyer.

Please take the time to visit my other website which is dedicated to doll hatmaking and supplies.  I will also list there items related to Little Darlings. www.pnbdoll.com